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 10.5x9.0x2.4-3.6 ABARN 
10.5x9.0x2.4-3.6 ABARN-tn
 12.0x12.0x2.4-4.2 ABARN 
12.0x12.0x2.4-4.2 ABARN-tn
 14.0 x 15.0 x 3.0-4.8 Abarn 
14.0 x 15.0 x 3.0-4.8 Abarn-tn Cyclad Buildings Tasmania leading suppliers of American Barns
 9.5 x 7.0 x 2.4-3.6m ABARN 
9.5 x 7.0 x 2.4-3.6m ABARN-tn
 Boran Cattle First to come to Tasmania! 
Boran Cattle First to come to Tasmania!-tn Very quite and affectionate
 Enfield Kennels 
At Enfield Kennels we are focused on giving the Best care to a small amount of dogs not average care to a lot - we ensure your dogs safety by housing them in kennels either by themselves or with their canine brothers and sisters.  Campania
 Miniature Bred Cattle 
Miniature Bred Cattle-tn
 Rosedale Equine Stud 
Rosedale Equine Stud proudly present their superb Friesian and Gypsy Cob stallions. True to type, wonderful temperaments and excellent conformation, these amazing stallions are second to none. Also, we offer a Purebred American Mediterranean Miniature Donkey Jack, who is multi-coloured and fully registered. Rosedale offers on farm breeding, full A.I. services, including collection and shipment of quality chilled semen Australia wide for some of their stallions. For the breeding season 2009-2010. Outside stallions welcome for collection and distribution of quality semen. Foaling down facilities. Freezing of semen is available. Proudly owned by Julie & Chris, offering an opportunity for all genuine breeders.  Campania