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First Aid Mobility Aids
 4 Wheeled Bariatric Rollator 
4 Wheeled Bariatric Rollator-tn Heavy duty construction with large seat Maximum user weight 182kgs. Length 67.5cm Width 76cm Seat height 53cm Seat width 58cm Overall weight 16kg Comes with large capacity vinyl bag and a removable foldaway basket.  Moonah
 Bariatric Shower Stool 
Bariatric Shower Stool-tn Overall seat height: 48 - 61cm Width between arms: 51cm Overall width: 56cm Seat width: 34cm Overall height: 64cm - 80cm Height from the floor to the top of the arms: 68cm - 80cm Seat depth: 30cm Overall depth: 45cm - 50cm Weight: 4kgs The addition of a specially designed support frame to our standard shower stool increases the maximum user weight to 237kgs.  Moonah
 Bariatric Toilet Seat Raiser/Commode 
Bariatric Toilet Seat Raiser/Commode-tn Seat Height: 45 - 57cm Seat width: 35cm Width between arms: 51cm Width overall: 56cm Height Overall: 64 - 76cm Depth of seat: 42cm Depth overall: 61 - 64cm Weight: 8kg The addition of a specially designed support frame to our standard toilet seat raiser/commode increases the maximum user weight to 237kgs.  Moonah
 Care Alert Smart Dialler  $289.00
Care Alert Smart Dialler-tn <h><b>NO MORE MONITORING FEES - EVER</h>,</b> The <B>Care Alert Smart Dialler</B> is a personal alert system ensuring contact with people or triple zero in an emergency. In the event of needing help and being unable to make that vital call, the CareAlert Smart Dialler is activated by a waterproof dual button safety pendant. The emergency alert system incorporates a local in-house call button to attract attention within the home. When the buttons are squeezed the Smart Dialler will dial out to the first of five personally chosen numbers (a landline is required for normal operation). These may be family, friends, neighbours, carers or Triple zero. Our arrangement with triple zero is such that an ambulance will be sent to the address in the pre-recorded message. This message can also contain the external key safe location and code to access the premises. When the first call from the medical alarm reaches the recipient, they hear name and address and key location (optional) and two way conversation can be established. Should the first call be answered by a message bank the Smart Dialler leaves the message that their loved one needed help and then immediately dials the next number held in memory because there was no ‘live’ answer. It continues to dial through the numbers stored until it is answered ‘live’. The CareAlert is not only used as a Personal Safety Alarm but can be used as Personal Security Alarm or as a Personal Panic Alarm in the event of hearing intruders entering the home. Occupational Health and Safety regulations in the work place require employers to provide a safe work environment for their employees. In an emergency situation where the safety of an employee is at risk, the CareAlert Smart Dialler can be programmed to contact your own security personnel. The personal alarm pendant can be attached to a necklace or wrist band, both of which are provided. This Call Alert system is the most widely known Personal Emergency Response System in Australia and with No Monitoring Fees Ever, its popularity continues to rise.
 Drop Arm Commode (300kg capacity) 
Drop Arm Commode (300kg capacity)-tn Extra wide and deep toilet seat made from thick moulded PU Foam. All steel frame construction for excellent strength and durability. "Easy to release" drop arm mechanism allows for safe lateral transfer PU armrests provide comfort and support. Overall width 70cm Overall height 63cm Seat depth 45cm Tatal weight 16.5kg Maximum user weight 300kg.  Moonah
 Electric Straight Stairlift   Quotation Available 
Electric Straight Stairlift-tn Do you live in a multi-storey home, but have trouble with the stairs. An Electric Stairlift is the solution for you? Top quality stairlift at a very reasonable price. Fits any flight of stairs that is 5 metres or less in length (with a further 2 metres option), provided the width is adequate. Battery powered with constant charge, the unit can operate during power blackouts. Easy to use with many safety features. Don't move house, this stairlift can pay for itself with the saved removalist fees and agents commissions. Comes with on-board controls and two remote controls.
 Moonah Amcal Pharmacy 
Moonah Amcal Pharmacy is located in the heart of the Moonah shopping precinct. It is situated in the middle of the main shopping block between Coogans and Harris Scarfe. An abundance of free car parking is available both behind Coogans and Harris Scarfe, also directly across the street in the Council car park. Moonah Amcal Pharmacy has been located at these premises for almost 50 years and under the ownership of the current owners, Glenn and Maura Ward, for almost 20 years. Being part of the AMCAL group of pharmacies enables our customers to feel the benefits of large purchasing power and the advantages of the very popular Amcal Club. Employing around 20 staff with a combined experience in retail pharmacy in excess of 100 years, the people of the northern suburbs of Hobart can be assured that they can always talk to a qualified and knowledgeable team member every time they need to, at Moonah Amcal Pharmacy.  Moonah
 Personal Body Pool 
The Personal Body Pool is designed for just that. To be Personal! Small enough and deep enough for private family use and Rehabilitation work. The specially designed frame makes it completely transportable so your investment is portable, cashable, leaseable and not sunk in the ground unable to be moved like a traditional pool. Fully insulated like a thermos to keep the heat in, makes this pool concept affordable to heat all year round.  Prospect
 Rehabilitation & Mobility Equipment Hire 
Rehabilitation & Mobility Equipment Hire-tn TasMobility have a range of rehabilitation, home healthcare and mobility equipment for short term hire at competitive rates. Hire equipment includes wheelchairs, walkers, crutches toilet seat raisers/commodes, shower stools and seats. Contact TasMobility for equipment availability, prices, booking and delivery (if required).
 SafeSip  $9.50
SafeSip-tn <h><b>Revolutionary Design</h></b> The SafeSip is the revolutionary invention from Melissa Edmunds – SafeSip fits virtually any drinking vessel. It keeps your drink in and everything else out. Parents, children, campers, party guests, the elderly and disabled <b>and those who go out for the night and need to know their drinks have not been tampered with</b> – SafeSip simplifies the world for everyone. Go out and spill no more!
 Smoking Cessation 
Smoking Cessation-tn We offer a wide variety of smoking cessation products with valuable pharmacist advice.