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 2013 Bluefin 
2013 Bluefin-tn 90kg Bluefin taken at The Hippolytes late in the season
 50kg Bluefin 2012 
50kg Bluefin 2012-tn A nice Bluefin landed after working a school during a feeding frenzy.
 Albacore 2013 
Albacore 2013-tn Nice sized Albert
 Big Bluefin 2008 
Big Bluefin 2008-tn Big Bluefin Tuna captured during May 2008. This fish wasn't weighed but was estimated somewhere between 90 and 100kg.
 Big Bluefin 2009 
Big Bluefin 2009-tn Large Southern Bluefin Tuna captured at Hippolyte Rock during April 2009. These Big tough fish put up a real fight and are the ultimate prize in these waters.
 Big Bluefin 2011 
Big Bluefin 2011-tn Relief skipper Matthew Rose and Deck Assistant Brian Gangell with an 87.5kg Bluefin Tuna captured in April 2011.
 Big Bluefin July 2011 
Big Bluefin July 2011-tn Big Bluefin taken at Cape Pillar on July 2nd 2011.
 Big Bluefin June 2012 
Big Bluefin June 2012-tn Skipper Scott Johnston with a Big Southern Bluefin Tuna weighing in at 94kg.
 Big Blues 2011 
Big Blues 2011-tn Skipper Scott Johnston displaying a 98kg Southern Bluefin Tuna captured at Hippolyte Rocks in May 2011.
 Big Blues 2012 
Big Blues 2012-tn Skipper Scott Johnston with Big Bluefin Tuna captured at Hippolyte Rocks on April 7th 2012. The fish was captured on a Lumo "Tsutumo" Bullet lure which we had been trialing.
 Big Blues May 2009 
Big Blues May 2009-tn "Doongara" Deck Assistant "Matthew Rose" with a Big Southern Bluefin Tuna captured at Hipployte Rock during May 2009. This was one of two fish hooked while trolling around a school of baitfish these big predators were feeding on just south of the rocks.
 Big Blues2 2012 
Big Blues2 2012-tn Angler Michael Kringle gives the thumbs up after landing a 94kg Bluefin captured on 24kg after an epic battle lasting 3 hours. The hook was positioned in the hard corner of the mouth making it much harder to tire the big Bluefin out.
 Bluefin 2009 
Bluefin 2009-tn Matthew Rose with a 97kg Southern Bluefin Tuna captured May 2009.
 Bluefin April 2007 
Bluefin April 2007-tn The Southern Bluefin Tuna have arrived, and for these anglers, Saturday 28th April 2007 proved to be a real screamer. School sized Bluefin were consistantly hooked through out the day. Most fish were in the 15 - 20kg category, but on the light gear they were still tough going. Here we see Darren Bennett hooked up to a Bluefin on 10kg line.
 Bluefin Bonanza 
Bluefin Bonanza-tn A top catch of Bluefin Tuna on the deck and a nice bin of Albacore taken on the Continental Shelf at the end of April 2007. These smaller Bluefin were schooling in large numbers, with some bigger Bluefin around 100kg also present.
 Boat Hire Tasmania 
If you want to go fishing in the Highlands or on the East Coast at Coles Bay, we have the boats and all safety gear required. We also have maps available showing where to find the fish. ( Tasmania )
 Deep Sea Bottom Fish 
Deep Sea Bottom Fish-tn Tasmanian Trumpeter or Striped Trumpeter captured on the edge of the continental shelf. These fish can reach a weight of up to 30kg, and are much sought after as they are a delicious eating fish.
 Deep Sea Fishing 
Deep Sea Fishing-tn Happy angler with this Tasmanian (or Striped Trumpeter) captured during March 2008. A number of these fish have been taken along the edge of the Continental Shelf.
Doongara-tn Moorings, Pirates Bay at Eaglehawk Neck
 Doongara Fishing & Charters 
Enjoy a great day out. Game, reef or deep sea fishing, or bird and seal watching. All equipment provided for up to 10 people. Pirates Bay ( Tas )
 Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Area 
Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Area-tn Part of the beautiful coastline near Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck
 Gallery 1- Albacore Tuna 
Gallery 1- Albacore Tuna-tn Small Albacore Tuna captured on light line. Albacore are prolific in the area from January through to April. These fish range from 2.5kg up to around 25kg in weight, with fish around the 15 - 20kg size quite common.
 Gallery 2 - Yellowfin 
Gallery 2 - Yellowfin-tn Catch of Yellowfin Tuna and Albacore taken by a charter group in February 2006. Constant Strikes and multiple hook ups provided plenty of action through out the day.
 Gallery 4 - Big Yellowfin 
Gallery 4 - Big Yellowfin-tn Big Yellowfin Tuna captured in March 2007. With warm water temperatures provided by the East Australian currents, and with plenty of baitfish, big Yellowfin tuna have been feeding in these waters and have provided plenty of action. These two fish were landed after a double hook up.
 Gamefish Gallery 
Gamefish Gallery-tn Large Tasmanian Southern Bluefin Tuna. These big Bluefin frequent these waters and experienced anglers come from all over the world to experience the opportunity to do battle with one of these big prized tuna. This fish is around 100kg and was taken at Hippolyte Rocks.
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 Heart Breaking Blues 
Heart Breaking Blues-tn May 9th 2007. After a successful day catching small school Bluefin, we were only half a mile from home when three rods let out a huge scream. With line peeling off at an alarming rate,the reels were being completely spooled in seconds. We had three bluefin hooked up all well over 100kg. After one dropping the hook and a second fish breaking off we had only one left hooked up. Picture shows our angler at the start of his 4 hour marathon battle which lasted into the night.
 Inshore Reef Fish 
Inshore Reef Fish-tn Sand Flathead and Tiger Flathead like this one are available inshore using bait. The Tiger flathead are more commonly taken during late Spring and summer months.
 Light Tackle Sportfish 
Light  Tackle Sportfish-tn A nice 17kg Albacore captured on light tackle.
 Mako Sharks 
Mako Sharks-tn "Skipper" Scott Johnston with a 550 pound Mako Shark. This Mako was hooked at Hippolyte Rocks and was captured after a three and a half hour battle on 24 kg line.
 March 2007 
March 2007-tn Yellowfin Tuna around 30kg. These Yellowfin were captured after a triple strike early in the morning. The fish were feeding on baitfish on the surface with Seals and birds also working in the area feeding on the scraps.
 March 2008 
March 2008-tn This was a solid 45kg Yellowfin which was attacked by seals prior to gaffing. This fish was taken in rough conditions and was landed after not only battling the fish but having a tug of war with seals.
 March 2009 
March 2009-tn Charter Party from Victoria over for a few days fishing. A great weekend was had with numerous Bluefin Tuna boated. The Fishing, along with the spectacular scenery is a great attraction which keeps anglers returning each and every year to enjoy the experience.
 Marine Life and Mammals 
Marine Life and Mammals-tn Large Wandering Albatross. This type of Albatross has the largest span of any sea bird and can span up to 3.5 metres.
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 Snaps 2012 
Snaps 2012-tn Kingfish captured off the "Blowhole". A number of these small kingies were taken in the area this year on the tuna lures.
 Start 2008 Season 
Start 2008 Season-tn A big Yellowfin on the deck, along with a Bluefin Tuna, and a nice sized Albacore. These fish were taken on 1/3/08.
 Stripey Trumpeter Fishing 
Stripey Trumpeter Fishing-tn
 Tassie Trumpeter 
Tassie Trumpeter-tn Some good Pics of some great fish.
 Yellowfin 2012 
Yellowfin 2012-tn 83kg Yellowfin Tuna captured by Jamie Lehner on 24kg Line.
 Zulu Charters 
Zulu Charters-tn