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 Animal Portraits - Hand painted   From $99.00 
Animal Portraits - Hand painted-tn Our talented artist is able to accurately capture the image of your special (fluffy) friend. Just send us a picture and she will immortalise them then onto your choice of timber.  Hobart
Animals-tn Ann Lovell is a talented artist who carves exquisite animals from Tasmanian timbers for our Gallery.  Hobart
Blackboards-tn The gallery usually has a range of blackboards to buy from floor stock, or you can have us customise one for you, to suit your individual needs. They are an incredibly useful item, every kitchen should have one!  Hobart
 Bookmarks   From $10.00 
Bookmarks-tn We can provide you with bookmarks made from Tasmania's finest timbers. They make a great gift and can be laminated from up to three species of timber for greater effect.  Hobart
 Boxes manifactured from Tasmanian Timbers   From $50.00 
Boxes manifactured from Tasmanian Timbers-tn We are able to produce a variety of styles utilising wonderful Tasmanian Timbers. Sizes and styles can be customised to your needs.  Hobart
 Candelabras & Tea Light Holders   From $18.00 
Candelabras & Tea Light Holders-tn The gallery features an assortment of candelabras and tea light holders utilising Tasmania's finest quality timbers.
 Cars   From $125.00 
Cars-tn Ross has a passion for Huon Pine and cars. Combine the two and you have 'Mac-Lovell racing cars'. Each car is hand carved and individually numbered creating something truely special.  Hobart
 Chopsticks and accessories   From $15.00 
Chopsticks and accessories-tn Our chopsticks are hand made from Tasmanian timbers. They are finished with a citrus/almond oil, providing a beautiful and functional item. We can supply both Japanese and Chinese style chopsticks. We also have a selection of sushi boards and chopstick holders.  Hobart
 Classique Creations Hobbie Ceramic Studio 
Classique Creations Hobby and Ceramic Studio owner Linda Baulk has more than 20 years experience in ceramics. Linda started ceramics as a hobby and it developed from there. She did her teaching certificates with two major American paint companies and started teaching in Perth before she moved to Tasmania. Linda sells finished products made from scented clay terracotta and ceramics including garden-ware and animals. How-ever she says the studio is mainly for people to come and make their own creations. She manufactures all the green-ware herself and has about 3,000 moulds. Morning and afternoon classes are held five days a week and evening classes are held from 7pm-9.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Linda also runs a popular stall at Salamanca Market.  Glenorchy
 Glass Vases   From $45.00 
Glass Vases-tn In her free time the gallery owner likes to create these unique vases. Taking plain glass vases in various shapes and sizes she fashions them into unique pieces of art.
 Hand Knitted Scarves, Wraps & Cushions 
Hand Knitted Scarves, Wraps & Cushions-tn The gallery always has a range of scarves, wraps & cushions in all sorts of colours and designs.  Hobart
 Hand painted clocks   From $70.00 
Hand painted clocks-tn We have a variety of hand-painted clocks, from highly detailed works of art to fun farm animals. If you have an idea then we would love to hear from you. We have a talented artist just waiting for your good idea.  Hobart
 Hansa Vases   From $99.00 
Hansa Vases-tn The Gallery features the work of John van Horssen. He creates outstanding effects on glass vases using layers of molten coloured ceramic glass glaze. His resulting vases are each unique and truly beautiful to behold.
 Key Racks by Fiona Sward   From $45.00 
Key Racks by Fiona Sward-tn The gallery features some handcrafted key racks and coat racks by Fiona Sward. She uses a combination of pyrography, painting and application of gumnuts to produce some amazing pieces.  Hobart
 McCann's Model World 
McCanns Model World is Tasmania's oldest hobby store operating since 1979. Our store is located within the Hobart CBD carrying over 20,000 products now complimented by our ever expanding website.  Hobart
 Pandora Collection - Colin Rose 
Pandora Collection - Colin Rose-tn The Pandora Collection are timber boxes handcrafted by Colin Rose. Colin has received numerous awards for his craftsmanship including from the Sydney exhibition of the Australian Woodcraft Guild, the Royal Toowoomba Show and Bream Creek Show, to name a few. No two items are ever the same as Colin uses the natural qualities of each individual piece of timber to craft each box in its' own unique expression.  Hobart
 Photographic Cards and Bookmarks   Starting from $1.00 
Photographic Cards and Bookmarks-tn The gallery features the work of Angela McPherson - Angelart Fine Photography, a gifted photographic artist. She produces for us a range of spectacular photographic (blank) cards and bookmarks. Prices Blank Cards $4.50 each Bookmarks only $1.00 each Boxed-Sets $36.00 (containing 12 cards & 12 bookmarks)  Hobart
 Salad Hands  $29.00
Salad Hands-tn These are a popular item. The classical design and the high quality Tasmanian timbers are an attractive combination. The food safe citrus/almond oil gives a wonderful finish that smells devine.  Hobart
 Salt & Pepper Mills   From $50.00 
Salt & Pepper Mills-tn The gallery features the work of a couple of Tasmanian craftsmen. They are turned from Tasmania's finest timbers and utilise only the highest quality mechanisms.
 Shiver-Me Timbers 
Shiver Me Timbers is a Tasmanian owned and operated business situated in historic Salamanca on the waterfront of Hobart Tasmania. We specialise in Tasmanian handcrafted Furniture, Crafts and Gifts. Our Small Gallery is packed full of a vast array of items. We stock a variety of furniture items including dining suites, entertainment units, buffets, coffee tables, mirrors etc. There are also smaller, handcrafted items such as jewellery, timber picture frames, scarves, vases, carved timber, timber boxes, chopping boards.... and much much more!!!  Hobart
 Silk - Hand Painted by Tamayo Leahy 
Silk - Hand Painted by Tamayo Leahy-tn The gallery features some stunning silk pieces created by Tamayo Leahy, a gifted artist. We have available silk scalves in several shapes and sizes, and some painted pieces mounted and framed which make fantastic wall hangings.  Hobart
 Timber clocks 
Timber clocks-tn We have a range of clocks in stock, or you can order one to suit your needs. Our most popular clocks are created from beautiful Tasmanian Timber Burls.
 Timber Pens & Letter Openers   From $15.00 
Timber Pens & Letter Openers-tn These items are turned from Tasmania's finest quality timbers.
 Timber Vases 
Timber Vases-tn These items are turned from Tasmaniaís finest quality timbers. We stock a range of styles and combinations of timber types.
 Turned Bowls 
Turned Bowls-tn We stock the bowls of a number of talented Tasmanian wood turners. They are produced using predominantly Tasmanian timbers.
 Wine Bottle Stoppers   From $15.00 
Wine Bottle Stoppers-tn These items are turned from Tasmania's finest quality timbers. We stock a full range of shapes and types.
 Yachts and Boats   From $90.00 
Yachts and Boats-tn We have a talented craftsman who makes beautiful yachts, Clippers, Schooners and boat sculptures from timber. Rudi Hancl has been crafting with timbers since 1980. His long experience shows in the magnificent pieces we stock in the gallery.  Hobart